Never pay a speeding fine or parking ticket again. Speeding Fines - What you really need to know.

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Aussie Speeding Fines
A legal analysis of the ebook.

Barrister's legal advice: "It's a scam"
"Don't risk your licence using this misleading book"

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News Flash

4 September 2008 - Consumer Affairs Victoria issued a consumer warning about the Aussie Speeding Fines ebook.

18 September 2008 - Michael Gareth Palmer, the alleged creator and author of Aussie Speeding Fines, faced court in Moorabbin charged with speeding and driving whilst unlicenced. Rather than test his own legal theories in court, he decided to plead guilty. He was sentenced to a fine of $2000 and one month disqualification from driving.  He was unable to explain why he should never pay a speeding fine ever again.

8 July 2009 - Toowoomba Chronicle  warns its readers not to fall for the Aussie Speeding Fines scam.

29 April 2009 - Michael Palmer tells the Victorian Court of Appeal there is no such thing as money!

25 July 2009 - Michael Palmer loses his Beaumaris home in mortgagee sale.

2 October 2009 - Michael Palmer loses another Supreme Court case.

13 June 2014 - Aussie Speeding Fines upset - sends threatening emails

A website called aussiespeedingfines.com claims it can tell you how to avoid paying any parking or speeding fine. It proclaims: "HOW and WHY you should NEVER pay a speeding fine or parking ticket ever again!" and Simple PROVEN, step-by-step tips to BEAT all speeding and parking fines."

I suppose that also means you don't ever have to worry about the demerit points and any licence suspensions that may go with the traffic fines.

Many people have sought my advice and assistance after they have relied on this ebook to their detriment. Many people ask me whether the legal opinions, strategies and advice provided on the Aussie Speeding Fines website (some of which also appear on www.fightfines.info, and other sites) actually work. The following pages explain why the answer is "No!"

Both aussiespeedingfines.com and fightfines.info advise motorists who receive a traffic ticket to send letters back to the enforcement agency in an attempt to avoid the fine. The major difference between the two sites is that aussiespeedingfines.com charges people approximately $69 for essentially the same information but packaged with additional material that is both inaccurate and irrelevant. The main product provided by aussiespeedingfines is a set of "pre-written letters" which the author suggests you should send to the enforcement agency that booked you. The site makes the bold claim that doing so will allow you to avoid liability for the traffic or parking infringement that you have received.

Upon reviewing the Aussie Speeding Fines ebook you will see it regurgitates much of the free information that is available on the Internet about how police detect speeding motorists and what you can do to help yourself. It also includes some bizarre and dangerous legal theories and strategies that are more likely to cost you your licence rather than save it. 

As for the pre-written letters that aussiespeedingfines.com provides, you can easily download the same or similar letters for absolutely free from several other sites on the Internet. I do not endorse or recommend the use of these letters. Using these pro-forma letters is very likely to damage your chances of winning your case, and has almost no chance of saving you from licence loss or financial penalty. Click the links below to read my analysis of the aussiespeedingfines method.

I have no problem with people representing themselves in court to fight traffic fines. In fact, I recommend it to people every week - in the majority of cases involving a parking fine, seatbelt or mobile phone infringement (and to a much lesser degree, speeding fines) the accused is better off defending themselves instead of being represented by a lawyer.  But I do object to consumers paying good money for information that is not only incorrect, but positively dangerous to rely on.  Aussie Speeding Fines is making significant profits from selling bad legal advice, he tries to hide his identity from his customers and he pretends to have legal knowledge when in fact he has no legal training whatsoever. The sole purpose of this site is to make consumers aware how easy it is for anonymous con-men to rip-off vulnerable people by selling junk advice online. This site lifts the veil of anonymity and deception that the Aussie Speeding Fines website tries to hide behind.

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 We can help you to get out of speeding fines. 

Site Content 

1. Introduction
2. The aussiespeedingfines strategy
3. The First Letter
4. Analysing the First letter
5. The Second Letter
6. Analysing the Second letter
7. What happens when you rely on the letters
8. Who operates aussie speeding fines.com?
9. Aussiespeedingfines Exclusion Clauses
10. More of Mike Palmer's legal nonsense
11. Unlawfully providing legal advice?
12. Terms and conditions of this website
13. Feedback about Mike Palmer's Aussie Speeding Fines
14. Replies to Mike Palmer's marketing emails

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