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More of Mike Palmer's legal nonsense:

In essence, no "Road Rules" publiction in ANY state has been lawfully enacted. No state government can lawfully enact them because they contravene our funadental Constitutional rights (Section 92 of the Commonwealth Constituion) to travel freely on our roads.

Certian, fines, such as red light camera fines, also have fundamental flaws - like speed cameras - in respect to proving the authenticity of the photographs produced by these devices (see the section in the e-book relating to the flawed MD5 algorithm).

All the road rules are just that - rules. They are NOT Acts or Laws. You must remember that these rules were only ever put in place to help create an even flow of traffic. It makes sense to have Stop signs and Give Way signs that INDICATE what people SHOULD do, but you cannot punish them for not doing it unless they actually cause an accident.

In essence, our roads were created in fee simple and we cannot be charged to use them, or park on them. Chapter 9 of the e-book goes into much greater detail as to why parking tickets are illegal (including explaining why local governments have no lawful power).

Copied directly (with typos) from: www.aussiespeedingfines.com

Palmer claims the (Commonwealth) Consitution prohibits the making of road laws. Then he claims they are not laws anyway, but merely recommendations! S.92 of the constitution says nothing at all about this apparant right to travel freely on our roads. S.92 prohibits the states from imposing duties or taxes on interstate trade or commerce. Although many people would like to believe what Palmer says has some substance, the unfortunate truth is it is pure fantasy. All State parliaments spend so much time passing road laws and enforcing them with police and courts. Won't the States be very disappointed and embarrassed to learn that Palmer has discovered that all this activity is unlawful? I wonder why no court has pointed this out to any State government up til now? If Councils have no lawful powers then I guess Palmer doesn't pay rates on this Beach Road house, especially if the rate notice seeks more than $20.00. And I guess he must be winning his court cases every time Bayside Council seeks an order for possession and sale of his house after several years of non-payment of rates. Why aren't the newspapers or law journals reporting his legal victories?  More analysis can be found here.

His ebook is a work of fiction and the legal theories in it have no foundation in logic or law. You would be better off spending $20 on a Peter Carey novel. It is probably easy for a gullible person to believe what is written in the ebook. What is hard to believe is that Palmer is stupid enough to believe in what the book contains.


Mike Palmer says this in his marketing material that he emails to customers:

We have mentioned "illegal fines" a number of times now because that is
EXACTLY what they are. The police and other agencies involved in
collecting revenue from speed detection devices will quote rules and
regulations that are NOT actually law. The various state parliaments have
NEVER seen these "documents" (supposed acts and laws) let alone ratify
them as law. We go into great detail in our e-book "Speeding Fines - What
you REALLY need to know!" and actually refer to the specific laws in
question and break them right down to the very words used and show you
that the ways in which the laws are actually written explain themselves
why they are NOT law! Please click here to order a copy of our e-book

It is all nonsense. It is intended solely to con you into buying a worthless ebook. 


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