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Explains why Aussiespeedingfines.com is a scam.
Aussie Speeding Fines
A legal analysis of Mike Palmer's ebook.

Barrister's legal advice:
"It's a scam.
Don't waste your money on this useless eBook"


Here are some emails I have received from people about Mike Palmer and his ebook:

Hello SP Hardy,

I would like to thank you for your website on this Aussie Speeding Fines (ASF) Scam.

I stupidly believed it and purchased the e book only to find out it was a scam.

I had 2 speeding fines issued within I week of each other, both 15km and under each other by a speed camera located at Castle Hill NSW and I let them go to court as per instructions in the e book and the result was a loss.

The judge said 'Pay the Fines, next case please".

My solicitor in NSW also confirmed that this ASF is a scam.

I asked them for my money back and complained to them that they are scammers, liars and cheats and I was going to report them to Scam watch and they emailed me back calling me an "immature little shit".

I have email proof of these letters if you wish to use them to get this scam shut down and off the Internet before there are any more innocent victims that fall for this scam.

Thank you again,

Please do not disclose my details to ASF as they have not stopped harassing me on my home email address this is why I am emailing you on my business email address.

Thanks again for your efforts, very much appreciated.

It made me realise I had been scammed. 


May 2008:

Only due to the fact of seeing the story on “”A current affair”” was I influenced in trying the package
I was following up with a copy of a letter I received back with some questions to the info@aussiespeedingfines.com
It bounced back with no such user.
With my curiosity up I started searching to find out why the aussie speeding fines site has disappeared and stumbled onto your site.
And I am embarrassed to say it looks like I was suckered.
I am now facing a possible court appearance.
I would not call myself a gullible person and have warned people off many an internet scam but boy did I get caught.
Thanks for the info.
I hope it saved others.


July 2008


Hi Sean
You know as a professional CPA I used to pride myself in detecting when my clients tell me crap about their taxes and then I thought I was pretty good at interpreting law (well Tax Law) based on the fact that I think I am a pretty logical person.  I understand how to interpret and apply tax law!  But that’s not going to help me here?
I have to say in shame that I have been stooged by aussiespeedingfines, not once but twice.  I bought the e-book did the 3 step process and then asked myself why am I now going to court when the matter should have been resolved.   I also bought the DVD that is supposed to show me how to win my day in court, which I haven’t received yet.  What an idiot! Then I found your comprehensive site today.
My gut was telling me things didn’t add up but I was sure I was innocent of a speed camera fine taken at CNR of Doncaster Rd and Gardenia Rd, Balwyn Nth.  Detected at 69km in 60 zone and booked at alleged speed of 67km, at 3.22pm.  I therefore decided to contest.  After receiving my charge and summons to appear on the 26th of May, I obtained an adjournment (without a plea) for the 7th July (yep Monday).  I guess I now have to roll up on Monday and enter my plea, and then adjourn for a Contest Mention as I plan to plead NOT GUILTY. 
I am worried now that the bullshit letters (from aussiespeedingfines) that I have sent to the Traffic Camera Office will affect my chances of success and whether a report from school and witness (from the mum who testifies that I picked kids up on time) is sufficient as a defense. I know you advocate that the prosecutor has to prove I am guilty but I have a copy of the photo with an enhanced image showing my rego number (registered under my company name and not me personally – I nominated myself as the Director of  the Company as the driver, when really anyone could have been driving the car at that time, but I wouldn’t be able to work that out now).

What do you think?



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