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Explains why Aussiespeedingfines.com is a scam.
Aussie Speeding Fines
A legal analysis of Mike Palmer's ebook.

Barrister's legal advice:
"It's a scam.
Don't waste your money on this useless eBook"

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 The Aussiespeedingfines.com strategy:

Aussie Speeding Fines (and also www.fightfines.info) advise motorists to send the police standard form letters with your own details inserted into them. Here is their suggested process: 

1. Send this first letter (it is re-printed for you on the next page). Wait for a response.

2. If the police ignore your first letter and proceed to enforce the fine (which they will do), send this clarification letter as a follow-up.

3. Then you wait 28 days and send them this second letter. (This letter is hilarious nonsense. Utterly unintelligible - a must read!!)

4. Then when they continue to harrass you for payment of the fine and record demerit points against you, just send them this this third letter.

5. Because the letters are unintelligible (they are clearly not written by lawyers), the author then produced this help sheet to try to explain the system to his clients.

You will notice that the letters do not contain an election to go to court. If you rely on these letters you are losing your chance of winning your case in court, and nothing in the letter stops the police from enforcing the fine or prevents demerit points accruing.

Update: Aussiespeedingfines.com has recently created an additional letter that claims to be an election to take the case to court. However the objection letter may be invalid because it requests a jury trial or a hearing before two judges!!! Their instructions state:

Because they insist on harassing you, you are asking for the matter to be heard in a court of competent jurisdiction. ie. a trial by jury or a court that has 2 Judges present. They obviously cannot do this for every simple traffic fine and this will, in many cases, stop them in their tracks. Please remember that it is your Constitutional right to request this.

The author seems to be unaware that neither option is possible in Australia for any offence that arises from the issuing of a traffic infringement notice. Only specific indictable offences are eligible to be heard before a jury. Magistrates Courts do not have juries. The Infringement's Act requires traffic offence cases to be heard in a Magistrates Court. All traffic offences are summary offences, not indictable offences. Perhaps the aussiespeedingfines author has copied this letter from an Amercian website. It won't work here.

If you have had success (or otherwise) using the above letters, drop me a line. I would love to know how you fared! if you relied on the strategy provided by aussiespeedingfines.com and you still lost your licence or incurred demerit points, you should get legal advice about your rights because you are entitled claim compensation from the person who advised you to take that course (his identity is revealed below to assist you to do that).


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