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Explains why Aussiespeedingfines.com is a scam.
Aussie Speeding Fines
A legal analysis of Mike Palmer's ebook.

Barrister's legal advice:
"It's a scam.
Don't waste your money on this useless eBook"

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Mike Palmer's Exclusion Clauses

Here is a snippet from the Aussiespeedingfines.com exclusion clause:

All of the information provided by Aussie Speeding Fines in this website is presented as an information and educational service only. All aspects of the information and educational service provided by Aussie Speeding Fines in this website is not, and does not, represent itself to be legal advice in any way; nor should it be used for any other purpose than that of education and research.  Aussie Speeding Fines do not seek to offer, nor offer any form of legal advice.
Aussie Speeding Fines note that there will always be potential risk involved in any form of legal challenge and that every individual should make legal challenges only according to their own personal situation, existing legal education and ability. Aussie Speeding Fines therefore recommend that before any legal challenge or legal decision is made, that everyone should seek independent legal advice as to the suitability of the strategies covered in this website to their personal legal profile and goals.
Aussie Speeding Fines have taken every care to ensure that the content of this website is accurate and timely, but cannot take any responsibility for errors or omissions that may occur.
This website is not designed to replace your licensed legal advisor. You should seek appropriate independent legal advice as required, as general information contained in this document is impersonal and not tailored to the legal needs of any specific individual.
Aussie Speeding Fines cannot and do not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, claims, demands or damage what-so-ever that may arise directly, or indirectly, as a result of any reliance placed upon any information conveyed in any form (whether written or oral) within this website.

If you think that sounds dodgy, you're right. Luckily Mike Palmer suggests you should get independant legal advice before you make a legal decision. Well, here is some free independant barrister's legal advice: aussiespeedingfines.com is a scam. The recommended strategies have no legal basis whatsoever and you will be wasting your money and risking your licence if you follow his advice.

No lawyer has ever published anything in support of Mike Palmer's advice. Please let me know if it ever happens! No Court has ever said Mike Palmer's strategy is valid. The police do not accept that his ideas have any legal basis. If his ideas worked I, and hundreds of other lawyers, would be using the same tactics for our clients. Many of these ideas have been around the traps for decades, others are just plainly bizarre. The ebook is mainly a compilation of material that can be googled for free from a variety of sites around the world. The fact that someone (who wants their identity to remain a secret for obvious reasons) dares to charge money for this garbage is outrageous. It is a jailable offence to obtain financial advantage by deception.


Site Content

1. Introduction
2. The aussiespeedingfines strategy
3. The First Letter
4. Analysing the First letter
5. The Second Letter
6. Analysing the Second letter
7. What happens when you rely on the letters
8. Who operates aussiespeedingfines.com?
9. Aussiespeedingfines' Exclusion Clauses
10. More of Mike Palmer's legal nonsense
11. Unlawfully providing legal advice?
12. Terms and conditions of this website

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